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Thursday 31 January 2008

Ooh...there's a sharp nip in the air. How the cold bites and pinches especially when we have been spoilt by the odd snatches of sunshine! The weatherman predicts frost and sleet tonight with snow tomorrow.
I think many people felt it worse on say, walking along places like the curvy Ha'Penny Bridge over the Liffey River. I saw one woman amongst many, bent over double with her red face huddled into her coat, to protect herself from the gale.
Still, I had a wonderful time. I have decided that what constitutes for my sense of wellbeing are the solitary pursuits I have often endeared myself to. The simple luxuries that cost hardly anything. The leisurely pavement strolls....the absorbing visits to bookshops...the long reads at my favourite cafes. I remember at one point this afternoon while I was gazing into a doll's shop with childlike admiration; feeling that catch of a sudden and familiar sense of belonging. But I have often found it easy to adjust myself in any big city and such an ability lends itself to a calmness that may represent a soothing therapy at the worst of times. It certainly keeps me in good spirits. Now I am ready to write again where I had suddenly stopped.
I picked up the newest literary journals - Eason on O'Connell St is wonderful for stocking the lot - that included the Literary Review (London), the New York Review of Books, the Writing Magazine and Waterstone's Books Quarterly. I bought a tiny book on philosophy. And I also bought a bunch of sunny yellow roses and a fizzy Rose chardonnay from Mark & Spencers.

Back to the drawing board for me, although I'm attending a stirring poetry-reading event tomorrow night.