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Tuesday 29 January 2008

In these last days, I completed a children's storybook, except that it lacks the illustrations it definitely needs. I shall post if off to a few publishers this week and see what happens. I picked the story up from a raw manuscript and turned it into a picture book. I'd forgotten that I had it with me for safekeeping, for the longest time. I'd estimate the age group to be about 7 to 8 years old. I took about three days to re-shape the 40-page story.
I seem to have rekindled the enthusiasm that was evident in my 20s because this was the way I used to work; write one radio play, send it off, write another, send that off, write one short story, send that off etc.
The only difference was that at the time I was still in Malaysia, not yet a fashion journalist in Singapore and wanting desperately to broaden my horizons, to travel and to write in England.
Well...I'm writing in Europe now and have already met my dreams.
I'm planning to re-live another African safari either this May or June and before returning to Ireland, will stop for a bit in London as always. If I went to where nostalgia calls and hoteliers and tour guides still know me, it would have to be Tanzania.