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Saturday, 25 October 2008

The Walled Menu

October 26, 2008

The supposedly illegal West Bank wall
- consisting of a lengthy network of fences and trenches - which is being built by Israel to separate its country from the Palestinian Occupied Territories and divide further, the different isolated Palestinian communities, has attracted artists, poets, graffiti painters and even comedians who give the bare walls a colourful creative shape and freedom of expression.

Now, a part of it has even been turned into a menu for a restaurant called The Wall Lounge.

The fascinating development sprouted up when veteran Palestinian restauranteur Joseph Hazboon happened upon a concrete barrier snaking past his Bethlehem property a few years ago. Instead of emigrating with his family to the States, Hazboon decided to open a restaurant while printing its menu of delectable dishes on the Wall in waterproof colours.

Customers pick out scampi or filet mignon dishes directly from his walled menu. Most are foreign tourists who come to experience Bethlehem or the Holy Land which is the birthplace of Jesus.

(Information sourced from an exclusive story by Reuters)


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