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Thursday, 14 February 2008

It is my impression that the New-York based Martin Amis is probably one of the more fashionable English writers of the current age, here in Ireland. From the aspect of brands, his name alone, makes for a terrific book advertisement. I have just purchased Amis's latest controversal offering titled, The Second Plane. Very-newly published by Jonathan Cape in London, the small taut hardback consists of originally-printed essays, reviews, a travel account and two short stories that all ride on the September 11 catastrophe. In his AuthorNote upfront, Amis's urgent passionate attention to the international disaster, may easily be observed. His cajoling may just form the silent plea that readers embrace his opinions and guard them with fragile devotion.

The displayed copies were wrapped in tight plastic at Chapters on Parnell Street, where you could pick one up for 16.99 euro; 2 euro off the original price. I very much look forward to reading it as soon as I have finished with Henrik Ibsen's A Doll's House.

Writing my play at this present time, I stay fascinated by the determined and radical Norwegian playwright who battled turbulent emotions, family betrayal and rebellious angry voices to invent with speed and ease; a lifelong sanctuary on stage.

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