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Monday, 31 December 2007

Just Me

I am excited by life and its possibilities and this is the first New Year, I'm looking forward to in a long time, after a lull caused by a few excruciating circumstances in Malaysia. Thankfully, both issues have long passed and I have this strange gift of moving on from any negativity quite speedily, in spite of myself.
As I walk along the streets of Dublin, I feel serene and contented. I feel shrouded by the restfulness of this European city...one amongst a few that spiritually beckons and also, a place where the cleanliness of an environment and the efficiency of its carefully-tailored harmony, is keyed-up so beautifully, the residents need concentrate only on the tasks at hand.
It was a mild winter's day and a family one... many getting on with their shopping since the country closes for its holiday tomorrow.
Always last-minute in my endeavours, I chose a much-needed filofax/organiser the colour of camel skin and while strolling along the pavements, thought about 2008.
I suppose I just want to pursue my reading, writing & thinking skills and strengthen promising camaraderies made enthusiastically in 2007. I want to restore my vibrance that was somewhat lost.
I've had so much wine today. In fact, I'm having a glass of wine right now, this evening. Earlier, I had been to lunch at the Reader's Cafe in Waterstone's on Dublin's south side. It's a stylish cafe boasting a tall menu of lavish teas and lunches. I chose a thick beetroot soup, a chicken quiche & accompanying salad and followed this up with a Shiraz. The meal was delightful.
Then I popped into HodgesFiggis bookstore across the road to pick up 2 more boooks; a new novel, The Bastard of Istanbul - it received fantastic reviews in Britain and also a book on literary criticism featuring Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland. I had meant to purchase them earlier but had to hurry that time, to meet a friend. My book tokens are fast piling up. :-)
I thought I'd do a study on one piece of adult fiction and another on children's each month. So I'll start January with the Greek plays I bought 2 days ago and Carroll's Alice...
Later, I bought some music...crooners and jazz.
I also had a very pleasant chai, (Indian spiced tea) at the quaint Barney's tearoom in Eason near Temple Bar. It was the first time I had tasted the yummy beverage and here I sat for a long while, writing cards and feeling at peace with the world.

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