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Thursday, 20 December 2007


I haven't had time to write about myself but I will tomorrow.
At the moment, I'm reading Angela Carter's The Magic Toyshop, just to enjoy the warm loving breath of the English Language, so beautifully displayed in her prose.
The cottage didn't work out so I'm back in the city.
I realise I'm a true townie.
Anyway, could any of you really see me isolated in a cottage to start with? :-)
I'm enjoying writing out my own stories and most of all, sitting at cafes with my coffee and sandwiches, soaking up the mood and reading my novel.
The Christmas lights add a romantic atmosphere everywhere.
The bookshops in Dublin are filled with customers buying books as presents for friends and children.
And yet, the crowds are anything but suffocating.
Ladies are shopping furiously at supermarkets - my favourite is Mark & Spencers (Jarvis Street).
And all the puddings, toffee, chocolate and chicken that abound. In fact, I've got decorative sweets right now hidden in my pocket. :-)
More tomorrow.

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