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Monday, 25 June 2007

My new blog

My new blog is called Behind the Curtain.
Please come. It's only a couple of hours old. Please give me time to link you all up, friends.

I've got 2 short posts up. One is an older piece, another I wrote today. I want to capture the heart and spirit that holds me so graciously as a writer. I want to capture that part of me - that very inner being of when I was 5 years old that dared to imagine and dream. I want to engage with my writing as one. Hopefully, you won't get bored. But I'll understand if you do.

I chose Wordpress because it offers categories for my stories and poems. I really am dim-witted where the Internet is concerned I'm afraid, so it may look a little plain and amateur. But I love it. :-)

This blog is preserved so all the links and references stay on the search engines. From time to time, I'll still use it. The competitions advertised are running. I still owe this blog a couple of obligatory entries. Will visit you all tomorrow.

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