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Friday, 22 June 2007

Today is my birthday, which always gets me hopeful and thinking. There are major changes happening for me in my life right now & the year that waits, is hardly going to be as sedate as it was in the last one.

I have tried to like this 11-month old blog once more but find it very difficult. In these next couple of days, I'm going to open a new one on Wordpress that will feature my writings. I'm going to stop being so lazy about my art. I love writing in all its forms and I want to experiment with my own philosphies. I'm not getting any younger after all and my time of silence to publish anything, should end.

I want to write a piece of obscure and marginalised fiction...that really reflects who I am as a writer and woman today with no thought of materialism at all...in my mind as I write it. I want to find new worlds in my words. Perhaps something in the bizzare vein of Angela Carter. I'm thinking of dolls. I also want to write more modern stories. Shorter and longer excerpts. Please don't worry if you don't feel inclined to read me but I really want to find a new journey. My half-finished play is still on. :-)

If anything gets accepted by trade, magazines or the like and I intend to pursue this, I may remove that particular story from the net. I will leave this blog as it is...I owe someone a review, an interview and also a poem on the lion for the writing circle. I will leave all the references and links as they are. Give me a couple of days to open the new blog and my blogroll will start again with those who read me seriously. Better just a few readers who like my work then many who are only faintly interested.

Also, tomorrow, I will make it a point to visit everyone.

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