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Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Living on the edge (Part 1)

I left a comfortable home where my needs could have been easily secured, for the longest time, 2 days ago.

I wasn't happy and was constantly restless but circumstances did not allow me to leave earlier.

I was a traveller for 8 years & this, counting the African safaris that really did it for me. The South-Pacific reminded me of old world adventure and I consider the Middle-East, the most sensuous place on earth. The memories still tug at my heartstrings with a sharp cry.

But because of a crisis, I had to return to Malaysia for a little while. This time will be slightly different. I have a focussed publishing dream, am writing a play and may have to meet with responsibilities & commitments. I need to secure my success for these ambitions.

I don't mean the kind of travelling where one takes leave from the office, signs up for tours and a paid holiday package.

Rather, I mean the kind of travelling where one decides on a whim, throws a bag of clothes over the shoulder and catches a plane in the night-time to anywhere. There is for someone like me, an exhilaration, a thrill, an incredible adrenalin rush.

And then even as one is led to have adventures, one stays for an indefinite time, collecting experiences and making friends. That's my kind of travelling. I am a born adventurer, poet and writer. I cannot live in a nucleur capsule of mother, father, sister, brother, husband etc. After a while, I will get bored, simply pack my bags and go.

I am one of those writers who feel secure in the midst of good acquaintances and friends - and I have been very lucky in that respect - in any culture and also, more serious relationships which I must keep secret.

I ask for nothing more. I am also one also one of those writers who would love to meet with good friends in intimate cafes, talking about art, philosophy, history... And this in strange exotic places. And the fact that I will try my best to make these dreams come true... is what is so scary.

I am still finalising my plans and will let you know more tomorrow. It is hard to understand me, I know. But please try. At the moment, I just want a little detour before I go back to England.

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