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Wednesday, 4 April 2007

What's going on with me right now

New! A commentary on my prediction for multicultural fiction & on meeting the novelist Sir Robert Mortimer in my Wordpress blog

I may not be able to post my poetry and fiction like before as I do intend to send my work out to publications and publishing them here, may diminish my chances of success or prove a slight infringement of copyright. I have completed my little experiment. I know the kind of writer I am, I have found my way and I am now greedy for a bigger audience. I am going to try to return to journalism abroad. I can't decide if its fashion or the arts that I want to do. I feel the arts is always with me but fashion may elude me, if I don't re-capture its magic the second time round. My playwriting and novel will go on. Nothing changes. And in reading the classics? To cover The Icelandic Sagas, alone will take about 3 lifetimes. I feel that I have been handed all these treasures. Now I shall simply have to see how destiny leads and manage my ambitions carefully.

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