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Thursday, 12 April 2007

Supper in the stars

You come to visit and to listen and wipe away the tears that glisten. Feeling illicit, we grab a small space up a faraway place in the moon for a croon. The galazy is jazzy and cabarets up a parade of Hello Dolly stars. Catch that twinkle for a skirt swish and some can-can, even the universe unleashed, is Parisian, yes, no? And so...and so...wait a minute, ladies and gentlemen, forgive our impudence but space is bliss in our love above that whizzes up the planetory aisle ..and so we scream an aria and embrace a tragic opera on Broadwayyyyy...

Wowed by our smiles the starshine takes a bow and haloes up a sparkle...how about a campari tipple for some romantic dribble...Hey, diddle, diddle, did you see the dish with the spoon even as I jiggled and hummed and you drummed up a tune except that I fell about in a heartfelt swoon? We dance all night by the light of the Milky Way even as you promise to stay on another day...we rest our toes lazily on life's shouldered majesty...the throes of our heartbeat awakened wildly in passionate audacity. - susan abraham

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