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Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Personal: I have never done a writing course

I have never attended a writing masterclass, or a creative writing workshop in my life. I have never done any kind of a writing course.
How much better for my art if I had. And yet...now I must put writing to work, forgetting the summer courses and their frills. Life is too short.
My only teachers have been the ability to gain a sharper acumen of the writing craft, through my love for books and reading.
The other would probably be my multi-faceted interests which provokes me to write ruthlessly and continuously like the way a zealous horseman would take his bellows to sharp whizzing gallops.
But no...I have never attended any kind of a masterclass, writing workshop or writing course in my life. I am simply one of those cafe-lounging, watching-people-studiously kind of writers.

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