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Friday, 6 April 2007

My messy little blog-shop! Aye, this is why!

susan abraham

When I opened my second blog a few days ago, to scribble my overwhelming thoughts and reviews on film, books, writing, art and fashion and of course - all of which indicated that the old journalism trait had recently returned in fine form - I just couldn't bear to close this one.

My friends didn't want me to and besides, it trickled with amusement and sentiment.

It is my quaint and messy toyshop. I mean...it probably spells a little of my bedroom when I was a teen. You don't know what you will find in the archives - since I felt the margins were too narrow to allow categories. This, unless I really wanted to wade into a storeroom everytime I came here. As it stands, you may trip upon drawers and bang into cupboards.

You may pick up a jigsaw puzzle heavy with pictured emotion, dolls holding court and the spin of a rusty record. Expect too, dusty hardbacks housing beloved cobwebs, dog-eared paperbacks, chipped teacups, a kettle-whistle, a picture of a couple kissing breathlessly in their corner, philosophical quotes and strange romantic odes.

You may stumble upon colourful posters, playbills, snippets of fiction, plays, comedy and poetry. All of which happily traced my haphazard writing journey. And in a darker corner like a forgotten cellar, old love letters written from a broken heart. And with this, my cluttered little blog-shop, I say 'my dearest and never to strive for strife in our cyber-life that we may someday part...'

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