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Monday, 2 April 2007

Just thinking...

I have been nominated for the Thinker's Blog Award 3 times now.
I don't know much about it and am at a loss with these things.
But I am appreciative of those who thought of me. The gorgeous Strauss who's an Australian writer in Canada and the cheerful Ian Healy who's an American musician, web comic creator & writer. The first was my American friend, Wolfbaby who nominated me a few weeks back. Wolfbaby is a young wife and mother balancing studies, painting & writing as beautifully as the superwoman, Shirley Conran. :-).
I think it's just the fact that you all like my writing that so pleases the senses. Sometimes, when a writer is absorbed in his/her story, the wonderment of an audience can be so illusive. So its lovely when fellow-writers like something I've written.

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