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Friday, 23 March 2007


Have you noticed?
Just now I have so many literary ideas and thoughts for this blog. I've already started penning 2 entries a day amidst all this clutter and yet, ideologies scream out for more.
Which is a sign of what I have become in real time.

My ambitions are looming; large and powerful. These clouds gather pace. The writing craft has emigrated onto my destiny with a sharp landing as it parks on my path....dragging with it a whole township of stories and genres for me to deal with.
When is it all going to stop?
I fear things have only just begun.
My New Year resolutions feel like child's play now.

I have healed. I am ready to face the world. After years of not writing creatively and of being engulfed in one personal crisis after another, I was too afraid to send my work out anywhere to anyone. I simply huddled in a corner - metaphorically speaking.
I still have no idea what that fear was all about but it is completely gone now.

It was on doing my contribution for Wolfbaby's soap opera last week when I wanted to go on adding to the soap; kidnaps, dramas, marriages and romances when my thoughts and fingers could race the keyboard without stopping, that I realised my writing and I had connected.
And that as a writer, my words and I had become one.
I have also come to terms with myself in many ways that are kind and peaceful.
Every morning, I wake up, aware that I am breathing new life.

I want to go back to serious journalism that involves investigative reporting, travelling, reviews and the odd fashion clip. To be sensible, I must see which subject opens the first door and grab it and which writing genre of my play or novel opens the first door and grab that.

I want to go back to the lifestyle I knew in England and Africa. I am a soul who captures affinity in more places than one. I don't know if that is a blessing or a curse. Yes,there is my play and novel-writing. There is also the comedy-acting workshops and stage but that goes with my play. I want journalism back in my life. I have such a hunger for it now. My thoughts flow like a river. I must have a ready outlet. Yes, of course it always has to be Europe for me where I am happiest. It couldn't be anywhere else.

My production rate has become so prolific at the moment and as if making up for lost time that I feel I'm not writing anything at all. That I can do much more. Oh my God, I am so excited. So happy just following the voice of my spirit. Just being. I will let you know of any commissions, assignments or contracts after they have been signed. I will also let you know from now if my article submissions are accepted anywhere.

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