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Friday, 23 March 2007

Grim Paradox

After her death, Susan Abraham arranged to meet her friends Gloria and Sandra for coffee. It was 4 months since she had been killed in a car crash and she looked good! They sat at a table for two. This to remember the good times and to brood. Of course, she didn't ask to pass the sugar and the milk. It was her cue for death already passed... she didn't need to think too much about her brew that would last and last. Her coffee looked as tantalising as silk. What true friends, Gloria & Sandra for when it came to dessert, they ate her toffees up for her. There was still a bit of living to do...Gloria had died only last week and Sandra from being sick, the day before. "Goodbye, goodbye," said the unsuspecting waiter to his 2 ghosts! - susan abraham


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