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Tuesday, 20 March 2007

This was my contribution to the online version of the Daily Telegraph yesterday on the Mugabe regime. Many comments although we are moderated first.

by Susan Abraham

Yes, the West must intervene quickly. I visited Harare and its outskirts, a few years ago and it was already a deeply troubled place.
Many of the people are so poor but continue to work industriously for meagre meals and bland lodgings that don't even hold addresses.
They have a good sense of humour and try to be optimistic even when things are bleak. The solidarity is clear.
They love their land but stay helpless.
Friends and colleagues share what they have. They try to help each other with the little they can manage.
Even daily bus fares can prove a luxury to the hotel cleaner.
But the form of intervention is important.
There must be an intelligent discourse that doesn't in any way resemble the lingering violent bloodshed of Iraq.
Zimbabwe's people have suffered enough, already.

Credit free clip art: Smithsonian Africa

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