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Wednesday, 14 March 2007


Chummy affair for a pair!

by Susan Abraham

A Mexican criminal, whose moustache tickled up a swindle and who stayed below his station, met a lazy donkey with a passion for the wicked drool.
The donkey said he would load the fool into Tijuana for a price so slick and cool.
They plodded along the border, downing their tequila, their days now numbered but no thug lumbered forward for a fight or easy ride. The crook looked a latchkey lad...who'd think he'd steal a gun for fun in the sun and could be oh...so very bad.
On the upside, he wore a sombrero that hid him like a burrow but on the downside, he tripped and fell about like a broken clumsy wheelbarrow.
Eikes, oink and eikes, oink, he went. Eikes oink and eikes oink he bent. Suddenly, the donkey brayed up a fray and waited till the crook had bumped his collar on a cactus, hollered up a ruckus and stumbled a quarter of the way down south into a dirty, muddy brook.
The donkey then lapped up his drink, had a think and trotted off with the carrots no, I mean, carats...a sackful of gems which the crook hid in his nook...some yummy, clammy cheroot!


One gripped and moved in harmony with the other, from words that failed to stray like fallen threads - susan abraham

Picture Credit: Straw.com


Sometimes, I still look at dolls longingly, in toyshops. - susan abraham

Doll clip art credit: Denise Van Patten

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