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Thursday, 15 February 2007

I want to say thank-you to the few who still comment faithfully on my blog.
I understand these new writings and reflections are a complicated solitary venture.
But I cannot miss the moment.
I originally started the blog to rediscover my writing voice. Now, that's done, it seems I must use it to rediscover my future in a new way.
After that's done...I don't know. :-)
Anyway, I am writing both my stage play and words that came for a new novel, now in succession.
I don't want to lose the spark. It may not return later.
I'm just starting out with the novel. Trying to find my way.
The play is a quarter-way there.

When you've been a hard-core journalist for years and learnt to balance lengthy feature assignments, one on top of the other and all carrying yesterday's deadline, then that discipline never leaves you.
A novel is like a numbered series of feature-story deadlines.
Will return shortly to report my progress.

Thought I should add, "Be warned that I'm not going away just yet. I'm still here...as irritating as ever." :-)

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