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Friday, 19 January 2007

Alright, enough of this nonsense from me. I'm so sorry I inflicted my pain on you all, with the post below. I'll try not to do it again that the next time I feel terribly sad about something, I shall write in a secret seclusion under anonymity.
So you just see the bright cheery side of me.

Anyway, all considering, I am feeling a bit nervous now - I thought it would be vital that I do enter a monastery for a few weeks - and there many who offer rooms & board in France & Italy. This before I attempt my ambitions. I really need the meditation and solace. My play which is still in its infancy stage of being written includes the odd murder and a classic homosexuality but please don't tell the nuns that.

I have an infinite love for Christ, my life is a maze so that makes me properly qualified. Of course, the Convent nuns must never hear too, of my desire to publish nudity. I would have to do severe penance. If they know I smuggled in any Anais Nin, I may be subjected to cooking meals in the kitchen. And the word is luncheon, I believe. They would then discover to their horror, I never quite learnt to boil an egg. They must never read my blog. I may be summoned to Mother Superior's office. Thankfully, they would never have heard of blogging. I may have to learn chants & hymns. Unfortunately, my own experience in the department is with the pop group Gregorian Chants but my favourite chant is embarassingly remixed from a hit called, of all things, Losing My Religion!!

Anyway, so this is me the vixen except that I'm not Caucasion & I'm not blonde. But I so adored the picture. And I shall soon be converted into this inspiring possibility

The name is Thelma, by the way. Sister Bonnie Thelma. I did a quiz and it is my 1950's name. My porn name is Sweetest Sin but Sister Sweetest Sin may sort of give everyone a really bad impression and may cause faintings. And my vampire name is even worse. It's Demeter from Prussia. I'd have to get a couple of fangs for that but how on earth would I let myself out of the balustrade Convent railings, at the stroke of midnight, spying for a delicious Dracula. tee-hee!

So do you like my reformed version after conversion? When I return to the blogs, I may be promoting penitance, penance, retrospection, reflection, repression, regression and very sadly if not madly, celibacy.

In fact, I'm in a Convent practicing right now.

Oops! Wait a minute, my children, wait a minute!

I think the cigar I was smoking just burnt my veil!

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