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Thursday, 12 October 2006



by Susan Abraham

I'm watching you. Watching you and touching you. My expressions are distant and ethereal. I see you all the time when you think I'm not looking. Your shadow waltzes with the corner of my eye when the sun goes down and the night comes up.

You may think me a doll that doesn't blink. Yes, I am the doll with eyes that never close. And I stare straight back at you, a little scared, a little bewildered in the way that you do and when you say that you watch me, in the way that you say you do.

You have stood against a wall, lighting a cigarette and staring intensely. You have watched me discreetly from a parked car. All the time, your eyes are dagger-sharp and unflinching. Your eyes hold me as your solitary vision and your world. You possess me with your world. I cannot run away from you. You are the hunter and I am your prey. And so, you will find me, catch me, and kiss me till my lips bleed. What will you do next? Will you make love to me completely and totally with your eyes?

You run the slight burn of your fingers down my back, with nothing more than a frozen expression, designed to taste and feel. Will you command the swing of my curves too, as I walk up the pavement, turn into a shopping centre, turn around and see you there, still watching and waiting.

One, two, three and one, two, three...

You know everything about me. I rise from a sleepy stir and you wait quietly while I shower.
Later, you keep turning to look at me, sitting demurely at the table, while you fry me eggs and while you stir the coffee. You watch me while I eat. You sit across the table while I hesitate with my toast and then you watch protectively, seeing me no longer as a doll but as a tot. You help me with the pepper and salt, seeing that I would be helpless without you and all the time your eyes never leaving my face.

Your gaze stays collected, intense, cool and waiting. What do you see about me? You've never told me. You like the texture of my body, you know my delicate bits. I cannot run away, do not wish to, never want to.

I watch you, wish you upon me, kiss you, tease you, play with you, push you, hound you, stalk you, follow you... I watch you, wish, tease kiss play tease miss, push hound stalk. ..

And so you turn me on, just watching me.

I am watching you, you say, watching you, while you watch me...
Your eyes catch me with an arrowed piercing sting.

Now I wait to be picked up by you, like a cradled feather in the wind.

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