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Monday, 18 September 2006

Inside You (Sensual Fiction)

Inside You
by Susan Abraham

Can raisin cupcakes and iced cream buns sashay a honeyed sausage in a gallant pursuit of sin-filled fun...can my cheek be pillowed into a snuggle with a lick from you and radiance be wiped up clean like dry skin peel from tongues that merrily twist and spin...

Can I hide my time of crime in the cave of your ear, that's regal, red and brave from where I shed a tear and the darkside burns, the ashes of my love resting in a punished urn.

Can I curl into the ball of your foot and hide in the sadism of your boot...to kick and lick and prick and click....I say, I say, what a marvellous day...can I then rest in the skin beneath your nail...from where you kiss the root of my being and pretend to catch me by the tail.

"Come back, come back," say bitter friends. He's no good in a pretty mood and you'll come to a messy end." But happy in my Kama Sutra sea, I plead to let the vixen in me so playfully be. "I've got a wild one but I'll have him tamed...the sex is slack so I'll stay right on till the end of my game."

Can an orgasm be so perfect and thrilling...the promised kind made to virgins who dress in white and make first love by candlelight and designed to win not sin...by the wake of the secret night-time light.

Not the kind that makes you feel you're lost in drowning when its journey could throw you off the cliff or stomp off in a nasty tiff while you moan and groan...now so over the top and unable to stop.

Hold your breath, I say, and do not wish for death when the climax will not go away but plead that you lie all merry and relaxed.

Instead, pray for a cresendo of waves to troop by rowdy, knightly and brave and toss you up skyhigh on a mast from where reigns the watchful moon and now...at last you with it, an exhausted lover's triumphant swoon.

And it's all about catskin and cradle nests and catskin and cradle nests..and catskin...

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