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Saturday 14 February 2009

Chummy Affair for a Pair!

Chummy affair for a pair!

by Suzan Abrams

A Mexican criminal, whose moustache tickled up a swindle and who stayed below his station, met a lazy donkey with a passion for the wicked drool. The donkey said he would load the fool into Tijuana for a price so slick and cool.
They plodded up the border, downing their Tequila, their days now numbered but no thug lumbered forward for a fight or easy ride. The crook looked a latchkey lad... who'd think he'd steal a gun for highbrow fun in the sun and could be so very bad.
On the upside, he wore a sombrero that burrowed his skin like a rabbit in a bin but on the downside, he slid and fell about like a broken wheelbarrow, damn it!
Eikes, oink and eikes, oink, he went. Eikes oink and eikes oink, he bent. Suddenly, the donkey brayed up a fray and waited till the crook bumped his collar on a cactus, hollered up a ruckus and stumbled a quarter of the way down south into a filthy muddied brook.
Despite and in spite... the donkey lapped up a drink, had a think and trotted off with the carrots, no, I mean ola-la...carats! The crook had meant to bind his find of gems in a willing nook except that the donkey had stumbled upon the crashed treasure while in deep leisure, puffing on some clammy cheroot!