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Monday 17 November 2008

Book Diary 2009 for Literary Lovers from Wise Dog Books

November 18, 2008

by Suzan Abrams

How about this fascinating book diary 2009, for you the literary lover, from anywhere in the world. Wise Dog Books from England have thoughtfully created this exquisite personal journal so that the deeply-interested reader may record thoughts and responses to books of any kind, scribble heartfelt reviews, write summaries, make up a next book club date etc.

Exceptional features include:

  1. recommended reads for family and friends
  2. key literary events throughout the UK
  3. elegant photographs on the theme of books/reading
  4. list of classics and fiction inspired by places
  5. literary quotations
  6. specially featured writers for each month
  7. news of literary prizes
  8. dates to remember & so on & so on...
The journal costs £15.99 and comes with a few free gifts if you order directly from the website. It's also available at bookshops.

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