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Monday, 17 November 2008

Cyberabad Days (India) by Ian McDonald - February 2009 Release (Science Fiction)

November 17,

by Suzan Abrams

With Ian McDonald, it's all about future cultural identities in science fiction. Chaga revolved around the gripping story of alien invasion in Africa while BRASYL looked at a Brazil of the past, present and future.

Now, in his upcoming science fiction novel called Cyberabad Days to be released on February 24, 2009, Ian McDonald whose River of Gods (awarded the BSFA in 2005) was described as a masterpiece by Asimov's Science Fiction; now paints a startling picture of a future India, 100 years after independence.

In this collection of eight stories which includes an original 25,000-word novella, Cyberabad Days turns to an India in the year 2047. It has become a nation of high muscular superpower.

Readers will be treated to extraordinary human genders, water wars, artificial intelligences, genetically modified children, males outnumbering females by four to one and droughts induced by drastic climate change.

From Kerala at the Southern tip to the Ganges near the Himalayas, India herself has broken into a dozen new states.

Pre-orders may be placed for the book here on Amazon while Ian McDonald who will also publish *The Dervish House in August 2010 and who resides in Belfast, blogs here on LiveJournal.

*The Dervish House focuses on Istanbul in the year 2025. With Turkey as an Islamic country tipping over the edge of the West, the novel touches on the lives of families embroiled in the intricate web of Islamic life while eyeing future possibilities in the new century.

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