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Tuesday 18 December 2007

This evening, I shall begin my move to the cottage to write and live simply for awhile.
At least for a few weeks, while I can get some work out to publishers and magazines.
It's been a very long time since I sent work out to strangers, so it all feels quite fun and exciting. Yes, even the thought of rejection slips coming my way.
At least, it signals that I'm on the playing field once again.
I've always loved competition and have never been afraid to plunge into the thick of things. The Writer's & Artist's Yearbook 2008 is a life-saver. Considering, I already have updated information on publishing in the West, the directory masquerades the playground for a variety of writing work. The question is, where does one start. Besides the usual, there are also generous lists of extras like literature festivals, e-book publishers, website design companies and self-publishing ventures.
I'd settle for the fact that the directory's publishers are extremely broad-minded individuals who won't bypass any kind of promising opportunity for the hopeful writer in 2008.
I think I am someone happiest working with both print and online markets and not just settling for one media. So today and finally, where do I start? :-)