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Monday 17 December 2007

I'm in Dublin today and the city is unusually crowded with Christmas shoppers.
I'm running across Temple Bar to catch sight of the gulls. The sun is shining; it is not as cold and I am pleased because my friend Des, found my missing leather gloves. He also had my spoilt laptop fixed. I first bought it in Melbourne a few years ago and my computer holds a deep sentimental value. It still works very well indeed.
It also feels like I have come home to roost. But then I feel exactly the same about other cities like London, Melbourne and Sydney which encapsulates my heart so perfectly, no matter the season or the moment.
I went to a poetry reading this afternoon at Chapters bookstore on Middle Abbey Street to listen to the poet Noel O' Briain read from his new collection of poems called Scattering Day. He is a wonderful performer and I find his poetry deeply insightful, sadly real and highly poignant in its present form. I was thrilled when he recognised me from the open mic readings.
Later, I stopped at Eason and finally picked up the Writer's & Artist's Yearbook 2008.
Oh...it is quite a daunting thought to go back to creative writing and freelance journalism with fervour. There are several submissions to send out. But still... exciting at the same time.