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Wednesday, 18 February 2009

I will be disconnected from the web for the next 4 days

Tomorrow (Thursday) I shall have to check out of my hotel very early in the morning to go up north to the Mount. Kilimanjaro. Yes, I am on way to the Kilimanjaro where I will be now be out of the dusty heat and straight into the chill of things. It's about an 8 hour ride up to Moshi, where a close-up view of the splendid mountain beckons. The next few days, will be spent on safari at the vast Ngorongoro Conservation Wildlife Site, one of a series of volcanic highlands, ruled possessively by the Massai. The wildlife is glorious here and besides the cheetah, I am most looking forward to the watering holes and hordes of flamingoes.
The thing about safaris is that you leave in the very early hours of the morning and return to your hotel/lodge very late into the night.
Most of the time, I'll be in a jeep or 4-wheel drive on a very long and bumpy road. I can tell you that riding such roads are themselves an experience. The bumps are so violent that your heart appears to slip out of your mouth.
I can't see myself on the web but will return late Sunday night so I'll write something then or on Monday.
Next week, I leave Africa.