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Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Mayank Singh, youngest Indian blogger to have blog material used in school textbook

This link also gives you a whole range of Mayank Singh's picture collection (many self-portraits) on Flickr.

The 28 year old assistant editor for Hindustan Times, Mayank Singh is said to be the youngest Indian blogger to have material from his blog about to be used in an English textbook for Class XI students. Singh who from his love for Jane Austen and Sufism, assumes the identity of Mayank Austen Soofi and who updates five blogs regularly will most probably be commissioned by Samuel Ray, the editor of Oxford University Press in Pakistan.

In his blog, Pakistan Paindabad, Singh aims to shatter worldwide perceptions. "People see Pakistan as a country of terrorist camps but there are swanky cafes, pretty girls, writers and galleries...a very Khan market crowd," he says in the Hindustan Times.

"If I'm published, it will be a slap to all those people who think that Pakistani publishing is all about India haters," he adds.

Another of Mayank's interesting blogs: The Delhi Walla.

This information was sought from the article by Damini Purkayastha of Hindustan Times. Credit to the said reporter and newspaper.

Credit for picture from Hindustan Times

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