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Sunday, 22 April 2007

Change in my life

Major change in my life. Moving locations. So at the moment, no wireless broadband.

Slowly going back into travelling, even against my will. :)

I travelled 8 years & was hardly in Malaysia. Then I came back to Malaysia for awhile. When all of you who read me now, knew me, I was already here but my life was very different before. It was engaging, colourful, dynamic...I lived a vibrance I took completely for granted. I also want to look up a few good friends in England and Australia who have long given up on me. At one time, I used to visit each country so often, everyone thought I was just down the road. Such was the intensity of my lifestyle. If I'm very lucky, I may still be able to do that.

A year of a sedate life has just about done it for me though. Never thought I'd say this. I'm not afraid of adversity & love adventure. In this quiet year, I started writing creatively again and rediscovered myself as a writer. I'm more focussed, more sure of the kind of work I want to produce and I have churned out lots of material in the past 13 months or so.

Now, it's time to evolve yet again. More sure of plans in mid-May. But I am already on the move in a few days time. though I'll still be in my country.

I used to live by the sea in Tanzania and also in Kovalam Beach, India. All call me back furiously. At the moment, I feel compelled to go to a beach in a different country and live the hippie life - make new friends, write, enjoy experiences...you know live and let live...before I return to civilisation somewhere in England or Australia.

I will still visit some of my blogger friends. Not to worry. If I miss your posts, I will catch up no matter where I am. There are internet cafes everywhere, even near oceans. I want to finish my play & hope to be published somewhere along the way. Cannot go back to the routine life. Not unless I have to.

So I will post on this blog once every 2 days for now. Those who read me always will know that I have been posting everyday for a year without fail. And in the last few weeks, twice a day. Such writing energy! :) Anyhow, if there is nothing tomorrow, do stop by, Wednesday.

P.S: I will still take part in the Skint Writer Writing Competition & also contribute a story for Child-Without-A-Voice, no matter where in the world I am. So if you are still reading me now, not to worry Derec & Ray.

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