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Monday, 19 February 2007

A wonderful thing. The wounded friendship healed itself and is once more mended. There was no effort on my part to do anything. The friendship returned suddenly yesterday as mysteriously as it had threatened to vanish the day before.

I believe my newness-of-self was put to the test. Recently, I had talked of the power of silence, of giving my love wings and of letting everything go. I described how I had myself changed and wanted to embrace this kind of living.

I may have passed this test. I was very calm, had accepted the inevitable and simply got on with other things. This wasn't so before. I was often emotional. I would have moaned about it, lost sleep over it, called a girlfriend for a chat and you know how it is... I really enjoyed the intellect ruling the emotions this time so I was able to write with no distractions. It means I'm a different person. Yay!

This is the way I want to go in future that defines me as an individual. Leave everything to destiny and let my energy be consumed for the valuable things I can control.

On the writing front, I've decided to leave the novel for a bit and try to complete my play within this next 2 weeks. Oh...that feelling of having a finished play in one's hands. I've tasted the exhilaration before when I used to write plays for Radio Malaysia.

It can happen again with the exception that this is for the theatre in the UK.

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