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Friday, 2 February 2007


I am 3 writing competitions behind time - Skint Writer's, Wandering Author's - Longer Fiction and perhaps what is more of an international playwriting festival in London in November. I have anxiously waited for the rules to open all of last month and they're just out. Closing date for entries of full-length theatre plays is end-June.
If I can get my script accepted into a repertory theatre in the UK before the closing date, then I won't submit it. So there's no point talking about it now.

I am also 3 chapters behind time in reading the translated version of Italy's Alessandro Manzoni's The Bethrothed, which is celebrated prose comprising a pair of lovers' clumsy pre-wedding nuptials at the hands of curates and Convents. It is a very long book. But I am determined to finish it. The Icelandic Sagas which I have feebly attempted is so massive, it's going to take me years to complete the entire reading and study.

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