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Tuesday, 27 February 2007


I had employed a lacklustre approach with literary agents & publishers. I haven't sent anything out, all this year. I need to exercise tenacity.

My complacency was cushioned by thoughts of my stage play. I had hoped to finish it by March 2. But I've now pushed this date to mid-March at the very latest which includes filling in all the prop scenes, formatting, binding the copies and such.

I stalled in the last days for personal reasons.

My novel Nomadic Madness, also refuses to take a backseat. Remember, I had inspiration for both these projects at the very same time. In writing bits of this story, I felt strangely drawn to my character who is shaping up to be blissful and feisty.

In placing an extract for you the other day, I suddenly felt an excitement for her. Where would she go after eating her burnt toast? The world waited like an oyster. Her life seemed full of adventure. I realised I had entered her moment!

However, I'm unable to place more extracts - I shouldn't - if I want it turned into a book. Wouldn't it be a thank-god-kind-of-relief to see the whole thing published?

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