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Friday, 23 February 2007

At the moment, I can't talk about my play called The Riddle or print it here but these are a few lines off it so far. They're all mixed-up together.

"Sometimes, we pounce on realities mismatched in time, forgetting the peaceful handshake underneath." - Jack Rowland (character) on his wife Claire's former lover, Julian, and their embittered friendship.

"Isn't it strange how someone doggedly dull and clumsy could instantly appear beautiful to the eye, if cherished. And I did with Jack, in a way...yes, believe me please, that I did." - Claire Rowland on her husband.

A jealous Jack on Julian's sudden return after 22 years.

"You having a laugh, Claire? Why, the so-called noble Julian's the very ministry of the devil. (Grabs her shoulders) Has he sucked your blood out yet, Claire? God knows, he drained mine a long time ago."

"...That's putting it nicely. I'm a bloody walking corpse, you ridiculous woman. And precisely because of your Romeo."

"A liar is sometimes perceived to be one in circumstances where truths must hide. And so an honest man merrily looks the fool and playacts glib talk. Alas, alas, what can be done!" - Julian

Jack: (stretches his hands in despair) "When you are of a certain disposable age, you become wise even in your dying."

copyright 2007: susan abraham

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