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Thursday, 25 January 2007

My interest in philosophy

I signed up for an online course on the foundations of philosophy. My spirit is totally immersed in this wanting. So deeply drowning in fact, that on reading another syllabus with its listing of great books and flamboyant greek mythology, I was suddenly overcome with emotion. Seduced by the works of thinkers, I am being cajoled onto this specific road.
I sense, this extraordinary development may reshape my fiction in later years.
But it's never been the publishing market or the money for me, where serious fiction is concerned. It's always been a mirrored love for a writing that peers gingerly back.
This is just one of the roads. The other is comedy-writing and performing.
That's pure entertainment.
Also, I have steadily returned to reading the classics - something I hadn't done in a long time. Again, I am drawn more and more to ancient stories especially the Icelandic & Scandinavian.
What does it all mean? My spirit keeps its secrets. Only time will tell.

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