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Sunday, 17 December 2006

No matter what my worries or troubles, I find now, that everytime my fingers tap the keyboard to write or create something, my hands feel like magic.
They move very fast, I forget everything and become completely enveloped with what it is that I'm going to say.
I don't taste any kind of excitement or exhilaration but rather, a total ease of mind and spirit.
I forget that I am bogged down but instead feel like I'm on air.
I just need to get some accomplishments readied after a long hiatus in these last years of not writing anything. So my body feels like machinery but machinery in movement.

How often in fading years a sparkle fails to glisten or be seen
but only for the dust that bullies its way somewhere in between. - susan abraham

The BBC offer I received to help write a children's series for an Asian region has turned out to be a new children's telly show for CBBC. The South Asian country is the starting point but it will be dubbed into different languages and televised in different countries. English is the mainstay.

It's a freelance writing assignment for which I will be given a regular contract and paid in US dollars. Right now, I have to produce a test script before the contract is sent to me. I received helpful guidelines. I can't feel the excitement as yet and am just following all the instructions like I were a robot. My name was referred to the producer but he won't say who.


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