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Tuesday, 7 November 2006


by Susan Abraham

Sometimes, you can hear the past breathing.

Sometimes, it may cower behind you; playful like a restless shadow...at different moments, it may plant a kiss upon your face, like a remembrance tenderly and dearly missed.

Perhaps all it took was a tune, a re-run of a funny cartoon, a scent, a story or a backward toss of a remembered loss, now drawered up into a tidy attic memory.

Then playacting a dodgy old sailor, it wills you to clamber in, right into its weather-worn skin, where you could hide in a bunk or a tresure-trunk of a tidy beddy-bye room. You could playact a child again, forgetting your doom, clutching up to your Smarties as if they were your precious sweeties or else running up and down a rusty road, searching for a fleeting bliss, in vain.Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

And so when the past sashays up your way today, how will you pray that it may stay...
I say...I say...

Image Credit: schwoerer.de

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