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Saturday, 23 September 2006

Referring to the post below

I have to admit I feel sorely disappointed the post below didn't work. I wanted to capture the humour in the actual praying scene, that underlied the hypocrisy of Pentecostal Christianity in many cases and the lies that shroud good intentions. But I failed.

I wasn't heartbroken by the friendship because any communication where dominance rules, is hardly healthy. Once I displayed my individuality, this lady's influence lost power over me. When someone is swayed by odd beliefs, they always do strange things and they harm themselves in various subtle ways. I'm talking about how this lady destroyed her own book dreams. Of course, I only narrated a fraction of the bizzare story.

My intention was to display a sliced lighthearted comedy as I myself had witnessed in a fundamentalist environment. It stays my view amidst such unfortunate incidents that unless any intuition is razor-sharp or cutting-edge, the wisdom of sensibility should always thrive over illusion.

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