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Monday 9 March 2009



by Suzan Abrams

The fat woman like a doll from plastic balls
sings and blinks and winks and drinks.

She dances with a pounce and hefty trounce
she tosses up her petticoats, a flabby baby bounce.

She slips over her husband again and again
and slides down him like a cushion in pain.

The fat woman with her assortment of rubber moons
will float and swim from chin to skin.

Anchored pillows to puff up her bladder
she makes rough love with a buxomy shudder.

Sing not and want not while you murmur a croon
and the fat woman will take up your lusty tune.

Sing not and want not, and monkey up a drunk
and the fat woman will flee you, the scurrying startled skunk.


Picture stolen from Boter