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Friday 14 November 2008

All-Night Poetry Performance on the Persian Gulf Waters next March

November 14,

by Suzan Abrams

It was announced 4 days ago by the international news media in Tehran, Iran, that 50 performing artists from China, France and Greece beginning with the head of the troupe, popular Iranian artiste, Bahram Reihani, will host poetic pantomime performances on a stage built on the famous waters of the Persian Gulf in early March next year.

The pantomimes themed around the sublime worship of life, beauty and humanity, are to be inspired from poetry composed by the likes of William Blake, Nazim Hikmet, Garcia Lorca, Hafez, Rumi, Emily Bronte and Octavio Paz. The perfomance titled "The World's Most Beautiful and Poetic Pantomime on the Water" will start at sunset and continue until the next sunrise.

"I intend to register the play with the Guinness Book of World Records," enthuses Reihani. Because the play demands energy and sustenance, a team of medical doctors will also be on hand to provide assistance if necessary, he finishes.

The performance aims to extend peace, friendship and goodwill relations worldwide. There will be further performances for 45 days with proceeds being handed to hungry children in Utophia, Nigeria and Indonesia.

Reihani has been known to break the boundaries of creativity when he performed a 12-minute pantomime on the summit of Mount Damavand last August 3rd. His actions symbolically connected the two cities of Tehran and Isfahan. Later that same month, Reihani also performed one of the world's largest pantomimes at Tehran's Mellat Park.

Credit: Picture of satellite map from Payvand.com" and picture of clown is official photo for press release regarding the above announcement.

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