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Monday 26 May 2008

Today is still the calm before the storm.
I am glad you all like this little blog. I was really tired of the old one. Do you know I wanted to get rid of this as well yesterday? It's pretty and decorative and the header unless I change it, features an old sampan in Malay (the national language of Malaysia) meaning wooden fishing boat. It's pronounced as sarm-parn.
But a few of you said you liked this very much. I just thought in the end that it was too decorative and I couldn't do much with it. I have in the midst of all my haphazard clutter a strong urge of late to host a literary/books blog featuring obscure classics, my own reads, translated works, world literature etc. It will be a very serious blog. Mostly essay-ish with book reviews and author interviews. The thing is I have dabbled with all these interests in the past but feel that I want to plunge right in now.
However, I was in a dilemma as I know my loyal acquaintances - who have known me for 2 years now, I think - like to read what I normally write. So I'll have 2 and the other may command a different readership. This will capture what goes on with me and if it's too mundane, you always have a choice not to read it, I guess.
I also want to publish something when I return. That would be my next venture after Africa. Publish a book of something...
And then I will travel again to promote it to the right audience, depending on what I choose to write or on what foreign culture I may choose to adopt as influences.