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Saturday 24 May 2008

Writings: Iced Dialogue

by Suzan Abrams


I thought of you but you forgot me. I spied you on the road to Cairo when you left me behind. How do I make a lamentation? Who do I see to be free? Cast me from your spirit and I will retain the liberty to be applicable once more for my sins even as they flee a high latitude. I wait without a sound on the dead ground. Do not hide from me as I worship you in the significance of my dilemma. I am tired. Tired from the sheer exhilaration of my being. Tired from the shell I lie encased, curled like a broken pearl. Tired from the rain that waters the pain in my feet from where I walk the road to find you.


But I don't want to be found and desire to lie beneath the mound. Keep me always in the figment of your imagination although if you wait and watch, I may be seen in the eyes of the sun.

Free clip art courtesy of Feebleminds