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Saturday 25 November 2006

Notes (1) on writing my play

No dialogue yet.
Mulling on a theme.
Lots of nail-biting, thumb-twiddling.
Perhaps a monologue is the simplest but then it must be a comedy.
I'm more comfortable with a British dialogue/narrative, rather than something multi-cultural.
Deep thinking.
Remembering with relish, a children's play I wrote called Clever Mama Spider. It was almost accepted by the Unicorn Theatre in London.
(Lehane, you know this anecdote. Please bear with me.)
It's then artistic director, Chris Wallis wrote to me a few times, held on to the script and ran it around his staff members. They all read it together but felt finally it wouldn't work for their stage.
I remember being crushed with disappointment after everything looked promising.
But now, I taste that time with exhilaration.
I recall the magic of a script having gone that far and hold on to those glorious feelings for a new play.