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Sunday 29 October 2006

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Hello again,
I'm feeling lots better today. I'm surprised I didn't stay melancholy for too long. I think I've learnt life's lessons well. When you've gone through painful times and been suddenly freed of it, you know that every subsequent moment is precious. And my survivial power is just too strong, in any case.
Also, I do feel upbeat about my future.
In addition to all that, your words helped tremendously.
I just wanted to say thank you for the moment, for all the lovely comments, underneath yesterday's entry which reflected your personalities and which I found to be thoughtful and inspirational. I really didn't expect any of that. And to Wolfbaby, Addy, Anna & The Wandering Author even for making the time to catch up on the posts you missed.
I feel really humbled when you all do this.
This is not false modesty but I used to think that I could go away tomorrow and I wouldn't be missed.
This is going to sound really silly but I haven't yet bought a new adapter for my laptop and am not comfortable writing properly in cyhercafes. So I wasn't able to visit everyone today. I've left the poetry pages for tomorrow. I really need to think about all your posts when I visit.
I just didn't want to get into a quandry where my writing craft would be paralysed.
Anyway, I think I survived that too.
I love you all, my friends on my blogroll and I'll visit soon oh and also, speak to you soon.